Tuesday, December 10, 2019


I have been very busy this past month....back to my sewing machines after a four-year absence.!!!!! I have to thank Julie for calling me one morning (I am usually never up that early in the mornings but I was at 8AM sitting at my computer...)  and she was asking me if I made costumes, "yes",  and would/could I make her one similar to what Johnny Depp wore in Sweeny Todd - the black and white stripped one - She sent a photo and I said yes!  Partly because I am a huge Johnny Depp fan and something just clicked and it seemed right.  I research some fabric on Fabric.com - and found quite a selection of black and white striped fabrics.  The stripes had to go horizontal, I chose what I thought would work, and then Julie ordered it....when it came in I took quite a journey to her home - (my choice) - she lives out in the boonies (she warned me) - I have no sense of direction and don't know the first thing about using a GPS - three calls to find her house, and one stop of the UPS man - he sent me to the right place...a little gravel road.... and there I was....she was so gracious.  I instantly liked her because she has alot of animals and I am an animal lover myself.  I took her measurements, got a deposit, the fabric and off I went....yes, I got lost when I left her house but somehow managed to get back home!!!

For me making this costume was a pure joy!  Julie was a lovely client....the following are some pictures of the process...

Setting up the dress form to proper measurements
Drafting the paper pattern

Working on the paper bodice

Laying out the fabric so the stripes would match

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Patterns for Sale - 1970's - this is a test posting for my PayPal account.....


Thursday, March 2, 2017

India Ink artwork.....

Some of my latest artwork done with India Inks....playing around to see if I like the colors and medium.  So far so good.

Will add more later.  Thanks for stopping by.....

Friday, September 30, 2016

Still dealing with layout issues

UGH!!!!  Even finding my blog has been a major issue...I have been online for over four hour's trying to find it - there has to be an easier way to blog!!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Fun Art Work....

Works of Finnish Artist, Inge Look

I came across this artist work on Pinterest yesterday and just love Ms. Look's beautiful art because the paintings make me smile and laugh.....can you imagine....such humor!!!  These were three of my favorites.  Inge Look also has a Facebook page - check her out....

Seems I am so busy - animals and other obligations...today I am heading into my studio to finally do some sewing!!!  Will post pictures on a later blog.

Annabelle - not too happy after her visit to the vet in Galveston for her infected ear - That was our first visit to our favorite vet clinic in awhile....Galveston Veterinary Clinic on 61st - they do a wonderful job with all the animals in their care!  We were down there again yesterday for Annie's follow up visit - she is better and on new ear drops - her ear does look better today.  Thank you Dr. Henderson!!!!!

This is a picture of the beach and sky the first day we drove down to Galveston ...no matter what it looks like I always love my drives to the island!  After her visit we met up with a friend at Menard Park (27th & the Seawall) for the Farmer's Market - so many tasty items.  Check it out!! 

Yesterday had crisp blue skies with big white fluffy clouds....Being on the water is good for my spirit and soul.

LaPorte Texas on Galveston Bay taken earlier in May - my brother and I went for a drive to his old neighborhood - looking towards the Houston Yacht Club...a fun day.....and beautiful skies...


Some items I will be posting for sale very soon:

Vintage patterns from the 1970's - never opened - alot of cute styles are available!!!!  It is a tendious job to scan each of them - and I have soooo many!!!


Vintage wedding dress - short custom made in 1965 (pictures and measurements to follow)...a shot of the lace skirt - am working on restoring the dress.  I will say it is one of my favorites and cannot wait to share the final picture with you.....

Thanks for stopping by.....until next time.....remember, my blog is a work in progress!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

February 7, 2016 - SuperBowlSunday but I am not watching the game - am still working out the bugs with my new website register - which seems to be taking an incredible amount of time....the issue is keeping my info@yldesignssewingstuido.com email - I don't want to change it....and am trying to get AdSense also set up and my Paypal account to this new site.....

On another note I got my old serger out of storage and took it to the repair shop here in Alvin and they did a great job of fixing it......I like it because it does a chain stitch and an overlock stitch at the same time.  Most of the newer sergers don't do a chain stitch, which is a straight stitch.  Many projects on the list....

Valentine's Day is next Sunday....one of my favorite celebrations!  All about love and this world needs alot of love -