Sunday, February 7, 2016

February 7, 2016 - SuperBowlSunday but I am not watching the game - am still working out the bugs with my new website register - which seems to be taking an incredible amount of time....the issue is keeping my email - I don't want to change it....and am trying to get AdSense also set up and my Paypal account to this new site.....

On another note I got my old serger out of storage and took it to the repair shop here in Alvin and they did a great job of fixing it......I like it because it does a chain stitch and an overlock stitch at the same time.  Most of the newer sergers don't do a chain stitch, which is a straight stitch.  Many projects on the list....

Valentine's Day is next of my favorite celebrations!  All about love and this world needs alot of love - 

1 comment:

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