Tuesday, December 10, 2019


I have been very busy this past month....back to my sewing machines after a four-year absence.!!!!! I have to thank Julie for calling me one morning (I am usually never up that early in the mornings but I was at 8AM sitting at my computer...)  and she was asking me if I made costumes, "yes",  and would/could I make her one similar to what Johnny Depp wore in Sweeny Todd - the black and white stripped one - She sent a photo and I said yes!  Partly because I am a huge Johnny Depp fan and something just clicked and it seemed right.  I research some fabric on Fabric.com - and found quite a selection of black and white striped fabrics.  The stripes had to go horizontal, I chose what I thought would work, and then Julie ordered it....when it came in I took quite a journey to her home - (my choice) - she lives out in the boonies (she warned me) - I have no sense of direction and don't know the first thing about using a GPS - three calls to find her house, and one stop of the UPS man - he sent me to the right place...a little gravel road.... and there I was....she was so gracious.  I instantly liked her because she has alot of animals and I am an animal lover myself.  I took her measurements, got a deposit, the fabric and off I went....yes, I got lost when I left her house but somehow managed to get back home!!!

For me making this costume was a pure joy!  Julie was a lovely client....the following are some pictures of the process...

Setting up the dress form to proper measurements
Drafting the paper pattern

Working on the paper bodice

Laying out the fabric so the stripes would match

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